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El golpe de la pandemia a la salud mental en estudiantes universitarios


Mr. Editor I have read carefully and with great interest, the article called Anxiety level of first-year medical students from a private university in Peru in times of Covid-191 by Saravia-Bartra et al. published in the journal of the Facultad de Medicina Humana URP where the grade of anxiety present among freshman medical students of a private university is presented. Let me complement the information given in this new article by exposing some factors that can predispose to this condition. The COVID-19 pandemic is a major threat to the physical and mental health and well-being of entire societies that have been severely affected by this crisis, and this is a priority that must be urgently addressed Adversities related to socioeconomic consequences, fear of The virus, and its spread, as well as the associated concerns, have a significant impact on mental health and this may be greater in certain groups such as medical students and may be aggravated by different factors.

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Sr. Editor: He leído con detenimiento y gran interés el artículo Nivel de ansiedad de estudiantes de medicina de primer año de una universidad privada del Perú en tiempos de Covid-191 de Saravia-Bartra y cols. publicado en la revista Facultad de Medicina Humana URP donde se da a conocer el grado de ansiedad presente en estudiantes de medicina del primer año de una universidad privada. Permítame complementar la información dada de este novedoso artículo exponiendo algunos factores que pueden predisponer esta condición.





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